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All I want in life is a little love to take away the pain.

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Absolut Mary
29 September 1979
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a good cry, accents, alice in wonderland, alien quadrilogy, apple, australia, baking, battleship, beer commercials, bjork, boobies, books, brit coms, brunettes, bunnies, caddyshack, carmen, cat stevens, cats, chesire cat, chess, chocolate, christmas, cinnamon, classic rock, cooking, cop shows, cres, croatia, crosswords, darts, dryer sheets, edgar allen poe, er, explodingdog.com, family guy, film festivals, fireworks, food network, foreign films, game shows, gibonni, gina gershon, good eats, grunge, guitars, halloween, harley davidson, harold & maude, history, housewares, hugs, i am.canadian, industrial, italy, jeopardy, johnny the homicidal maniac, jon the courier guy, kevin smith, kissing, laughter, lavender, led zeppelin, looney tunes, lost city of atlantis, love, luis royo, madtv, melissa ferrick, monopoly, morbid minds, movies, music, mxc, nature, ocean, pasta, pecan pie, people who smell good, photographs, piglet, psychotic clowns, pulp fiction, purple, pyjamas, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, road kill, road trips, roald dahl, rocky horror picture show, salvador dali, scrabble, seinfeld, sextv, showcase, silent bob, silver, solitude, soundgarden, south park, spain, starry nights, stationary, steve martin, survivor, tank girl, tarot cards, tea, teddy grahams, textures, the addams family, the barber of seville, the smashing pumpkins, thomas harris, tim burton, travelling, twisted metal:black, ty beanie babies, vanilla sky, varga girls, victorian era, vincent d'onofrio, violins, voyeurism, walmart, willy wonka, xmas carols, your deep dark secrets

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