Absolut Mary (applechaos) wrote,
Absolut Mary

too many ouchies!!

Can someone please take these swords out of my back!!!!

Whaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm broken and I can't see Kristyn at her book launch today.
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i missed it too. I had an art show at school today, plus I still have a tower of homework crushing my soul.

lord, my shoulders are inflammed too. I was thinking of stopping by your clinic sometime soon about it.
gimme a call at work 416-481-0222. I work 1-7 Mon-Fri, except thurs.

I got a tenderizing massage and the "chiro-cruch", and my neck is feeling better. I don't believe how fucked up my back was until the massage therapist pointed out all the knots. Yikes! now to work on my posture, which the root of all my troubles.
I'm sickles. And I really wanted to see the video. :(