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Alright folks, its done! My days at the Cup are over!

My last day is next Friday. I also start the new job on Monday, so I'll be double shifting week. When I started telling the staff I was leaving, they were shocked, some thought I was joking, others almost cried. So some of the senior staff (not including the boss) want to take me out for drinks. They're so nice. Now I have to see if I can pencil it in somewhere. Working the reception job and (in 2 weeks back to the editing job), I'm going to start my day at noon and get home by midnight. Well, if I do get a chance to go out with them, then I'm going to have to try to make it out with you guys (to be fair, of course). I haven't gone out since June. Yes, I've become a hermit again, shame on me.

So, my new job is an office manager for a naturapathic clinic on Yonge and Eglington. I'm quite happy about this because its not as demanding as the Cup and I get free services.

I'm still keeping the editing job, but I really have to get my shit together to keep it. I didnt' think it was going to be this hard. I asked the editor if I can shadow her through a project, cuz I learn better when I see someone doing it. She said she was thinking the same thing. Ah, great minds....

Alright, off to bed.
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