Absolut Mary (applechaos) wrote,
Absolut Mary

this is for realzies

I want to go to Neutral for a post birthday thing since last week was messed up. and I'm gonna show up for sure.

This way I can see my girls and boys and get lots of much needed hugs (minus two---Sil and Tigs).

Let me know.
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I'm totally in need of a night out meself, but alas, maybe next week for me?
i'm going to go, but i may not be able to stay too long due to finances.

Deleted comment

i'm going to have to bail. I have absolutely no cash--I literally just spent my last bit of cash on laundry. And I have a ton of homework.

Sigh. i should just accept my academic exile already and stop fighting it...

have a fun night though.

Deleted comment

i'm in! maybe even grandpa milen will show up.


Deleted comment

i'll be der!